Volunteers Search Woods for Abandoned Rabbit


According to the Boston Channel’s online news report on 24 July 2008, a local woman in Boston saved a rabbit trapped in an air vent. The woman, Kerry Quintiliani initially spotted a white floppy-eared rabbit from the second floor of her office and thought it weird for a rabbit to wander in such a place.


She returned to the area with her sister later to try catch the rabbit. However, the rabbit was too fast for her. She eventually contacted The House Rabbit Network. Five volunteers from The House Rabbit Network came the next day.


After spending five hours in the woods, the team finally spotted a different brown floppy-eared rabbit trapped in an air vent. “I feel really good to be able to help rescue that bunny, even though we didn’t find the white one I first saw. But if we didn’t find this brown one, he would be starve to death in that vent,” said Quintiliani. “But I think the credit should go to the House Rabbit Network. They are so tremendous.”


The House Rabbit Network is a non-profit organization working to rescue homeless rabbits and find them homes in the New England area. The organization also educates pet rabbit owners about rabbits care. Every year, the House Rabbit Network rescues about 10 to 15 rabbits. Upon rescue, the rabbits are given checkup to ensure that they are healthy. The rabbits are trained to use litter box and to be socially friendly to potential owners. When they are ready, the House Rabbit Network tries to find homes for them. It takes an average of four to six months to fine a home for a rabbit.


Potential or current pet rabbit owners can contact the House Rabbit Network if they wish to adopt rabbits as pets.


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