Rabbit World – Rabbits Themed Exhibition

There are not many exhibitions with rabbits as its theme. Fleur Palau, who is trained in Italy is known for her landscape paintings and works with rabbit themes. Until February 2, 2009, Palau is putting up an exhibition called “Rabbit World” at Three Graces gallery.

The rabbit series is a good reflection of human nature amidst natural settings. Having rabbits in painting works as a combination of personification and displacement. The furry creatures represent the human psyche.

The followings are some of the featured works that visitors are able to view:

“Beauty Experience Freedom” – Palau intends to express the oxymoron in the title, since beauty is a concept people claim or own.

“Summer Balloon Ride in the Alps” was painted by Palau when she was actually at the site. The rabbits and the fine details of their fur is very realistic, which makes the painting look surreal. Some of the animals are painted to seem as if they are soaring into the sky as if in a dream.

“The Honeymoon” shows to rabbits speeding away in a carrot-colored car with the passengers gazing fondly at the driver.

“The Secret” shows two rabbits viewing distant snowy mountain, bound together yet remaining distinct.

“Balance” shows a plump bunny in a yellow jacket standing on a beach ball with a baton, while the ball floats over a mound of earth. This painting shows the importance and benefits of maintaining balance in life.

Palau’s style is flowing, often with serene pastel shades that swirl together. Exceptions to the palette include the ruddy colors of the Western states in “Traveling in Summer, or Psychedelic Rabbit,” and the darkest on display, “Rabbit Running on Moonlit Path.” 

Three Graces is located at 105 Market St., Portsmouth, 603-436-1988, www.threegracesgallery.com.


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