Pet Rabbit Saves Owner From Fire in Melbourne


Many of us had read of pet animals saving their owners from danger. While most of these pet animals are dogs, in Australia recently, a pet rabbit named Rabbit had saved his sleeping owners from a fire. The rabbit woke its owners, Michelle Finn and Gerry Keogh by scratching on their bedroom door when smoke filled the house.


Ms. Finn told The Age newspaper in Melbourne that they both woke up to the sound of a thumping rabbit. When they woke up, they realised that their house was on fire. Neighbours soon arrived to help to put out the fire.


Ms. Finn also said that her pet rabbit, Rabbit, was allowed to roam freely in around the house and it was very lucky for both the owner. Mick Smith, a commander for the Metropolitan Fire Service in Melbourne said that Rabbit had played a crucial role in saving the couple and preventing what could have been a major tragedy.


The fire had not only destroyed the house but had ruined the pet rabbit’s cage also.


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