Man Could Be Imprisoned for Gross Negligence of Rabbits

Thursday, 14 August 2008 22:52


A man in Cantebury, New Zealand could be sent to prison for negligence in caring for his rabbits. The RSPCA found that rabbits owned by the 63-year-old owner were suffering from a variety of conditions such as skin and eye infections.


Many of the rabbits had to be put down. The rabbits were found at his home during an RSPCA inspection last September. The owner admitted to 11 offences of causing the rabbits unnecessary sufferings by neglecting them and failing to get proper medical care for the rabbits. He also pleaded guilty to keeping 18 rabbits in unsuitable condition.


RSPCA had earlier issued formal warning and had the owner signed an agreement to improve the rabbit’s living condition. When RSPCA officers returned some months later to check, the owner had been abusive and refused entry to the officer. RSPCA will also be seeking a court order to ban the owner from owning animals in the future.


The court was adjourned until September 3rd 2008.


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