What has Beijing Olympic Got To Do with Pet Rabbits


Human Dad was home at 7:20pm. He always reaches home late on Friday evenings as he complained about the bad jam. Especially on 08.08.08, when everyone was rushing home.

By 8 o'clock, human dad had already taken his shower and was eagerly waiting in front of the TV screen with human mom. You see, I was told that tonight is the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic. Big deal, I thought. For the next 3 hours, human dad and mom was totally engrossed staring into the square box in front of them.

To us, the pet rabbits family, tonight is just another night where we get the chance to run the house and sleep under the dining table. Every now and then, Zhai Zhai will nudge his nose on human dad and check on him. When human dad was clearing his bag, all of us came to inspect and help him out by biting on some of his letters. As usual, I always get the priority of biting whichever letter I choose.

If there is anything that interests me about the Beijing Olympic, it is this song that human mom has started singing to me, "You and me, from one world, we are family"



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