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Welcome to My Pet Rabbits site! As the human dad and the administrator of this site, I like to extend my warmest welcome to our fellow readers. Currently the owner of 4 pet rabbits, we believe that we are able to share plenty of information and advice on taking care of pet rabbits.


When we first decided to have rabbits as pet, honestly, there were plenty of things we did not know. Now having being pet rabbits' owner for more than four years, we believe that there is plenty of pet rabbits information that we could share with current and potential pet rabbit's owners.


We had the experience of taking care of pregnant doe rabbit and raising bunny rabbits from birth. In this site, we shall publish useful articles and advices on pet rabbits. There is also the Blog section, where we just ramble about our pet rabbits in their daily lives. Some of these blogs are written from the perspective of the pet rabbits themselves. All our pet rabbits get their chance to publish their own perspectives.


In the next few blog postings, we shall have our pet rabbits introducing themselves, one by one, starting with our most senior rabbit, Bit Bit, the rabbit mom, Moi Moi and the rabbit sons, Zhai Zhai and BeBe.


Having rabbits as pets has been a wonderful experience to us. For those who are still wondering how it is like, let us conclude this post with this poem "A View of Rabbit" from Mark Richard, which we think describes rabbit perfectly well:

A fur lump

A secret listener

A hole digger

A swift hopper

A currrant dropper

A lettuce diner

A carrot nibbler

A slight squeak


So, do come back soon for more stories and articles at My Pet Rabbits. If you are considering of getting rabbits as pet, we suggest that you start by reading our article on Getting Rabbits as Pet - A Beginner's Guide.


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