Pet Rabbits and Fleas

Oh No! I've just done what I was not supposed to do. Originally, I thought of sharing about how I helped my pet rabbit Moi Moi to get rid of fleas, but after some research, I found out that what I have done was entirely wrong!


When my pet rabbit was losing some fur at her chest, I have always thought that it is age-related. Then, when I noticed some scratches behind her neck, I reminded myself that I should trim her nails more frequently. How could I have missed out that her frequent scratching and discomfort was due to flea infection.


My wife was the first person to discover that our pet rabbit has fleas. It looked like this:

rabbit flea

Until today, we have no idea how she could have contracted fleas. She stayed indoor and since the death of Zhai Zhai, she is the only rabbit in the house and we do not keep other pets.


We visited a nearby pet shop and was offered to use Frontline spray. However, after some research now, I need to warn our readers that Frontline spray should never be used on rabbits as there have been reports that rabbits suffer serious irritation and in some cases death because of using Frontline spray.


As Moi Moi are used to taking occasional shower since young, the first thing that we did was to provide her with a brief shower. The shower did get rid of the majority of the fleas. Luckily fleas get drowned quite fast in water. There are still some stubborn ones that continue to cling onto life.


Due to our ignorance (un-excusable!) we used Frontline spray on Moi Moi. However, not knowing how she may react to it, I've decided to use very low dosage. Moi Moi did not like the feeling of being sprayed at all. I have to take effort to ensure that she does not ingest the spray.


It was a good thing that the infection was not serious to begin with, and with just one treatment, we managed to get rid of the flea infection. Now Moi Moi has grown all her fur again, and she seems to be happier and healthier. So, what would I have done differently if I have knew better? I would never use Frontline, and the best choice to make would be to take her to a rabbit-savvy vet.


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