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At about six years old my mom brought home the most adorable orange baby rabbit. Being that my name is Kristine with a "K", I decided that I wanted to name my little ball of fluff Carrot -- but with a "K".

We immediately bought a giant cage, an endless amount of food, and some kind of litter. She loved her new home, but had a problem of loving her owners too much. She would usually slip through the bars on her cage, because she was so small, and come and hang out with us. Karrot's favorite pastime was to watch TV with my mother and I. This was substantially proved by the number of buttons she ate off our remote controller.

This, however, continued to be a problem because Karrot would then leave droppings all over the house. We were constantly moving our furniture to clean up the messes. Every day it was vacuuming, cleaning products, rags, and of course, gloves. This was an even bigger problem for our landlord, who eventually said that Karrot had to be kept outside.

This was a very tragic event in my young little life, so I have a couple of tips to avoid getting any landlords upset with you for having these awesome little critters in your home.

  1. Make sure to get the right size cage for your fluffy bunny - The typical rule for a cage for a rabbit is the bigger the better, but from the parable above make sure that the bars are appropriate size for your little guy. You'll want to know that your new pet is safe and sound when you put him up.
  2. Keep a massive amount of hay - Bunnies love hay, and this is their main source of food. The more you keep in the cage with them the less likely they are to eat other things that could potentially cause harm, like the soft plastic buttons on your TV remote controller...
  3. Litter is very important - The best thing to do is to use shredded newspaper. Try to stay away from things like clay cat litter; this isn't good for the rabbit or for you when it comes to clean up. Kitty litter can get very messy -- and all over the place.
  4. Keep the bunny happy! - Sometimes rabbits can get depressed. This is most common when they are forced to have their cage, or hutch in this instance, outside instead of indoors. So make sure to keep the cage inside, if at all possible. Also, make sure to get the little bunny some toys to play with as well. This will also help with keeping the rabbit from eating things that maybe it shouldn't. You can get toys for a rabbit at a pet store but also keep in mind things like hard plastic baby and cat toys.

Just remember most of all that the most important thing is to love your rabbit and to give it the best home possible. These little guys can really bring you a lot of love so, take good care of them!

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