Introducing Our Pet Rabbit Family


Hello all! Welcome to My Pet Rabbits site. In this post, we are going to introduce ourselves, the Pet Rabbit Family to everyone.


Rabbit Dad

 I am Bit Bit. I am the most senior rabbit of the pet rabbit family. I was adopted by our human owner on February 1st 2004. It has now more than 5 years since I live with our human family. I am the top rabbit of the family as I have priviliges over the other pet rabbit family. I am also the rabbit dad to seven bunnies.



Rabbit Mom

Hello all! My name is Moi Moi. I am the rabbit mom of the pet rabbit family. I was adopted by our human owner in September 2005. I delivered seven bunnies fathered by Bit Bit on 26 November 2005. I have short-fur and is a favourite among many for my shiny fur. I am very particular with cleanliness.



Pet Rabbit Bunny

Hello all, I am Zhai Zhai. I am one of the seven bunnies that was born that has continued to stay with our human family. You will be shocked when you see how big size I am. Actually, I am quite skeletal. Human mom always say that I am nothing more than rabbit fur wrapping a rabbit skeleton. For some reasons, I am a slow and choosy eater, and I would rather not eat anything that I do not like.




Pet Bunny

Hello all, I am Bebe. From my name, you would guess that I am the youngest of the pet rabbit family. That's what human owners thought. I am the most mischievous rabbit of the family. And, did I tell you, that I bite?




Now that you know about the Pet Rabbits family, why not come back soon to read our ramblings about our lives?


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