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Do you have difficulty in giving your pet rabbits proper rabbits names? Well, you are not alone, obviously. The term “rabbit names” was searched near to 1000 times daily. This shows that there are a lot of people out there who are looking for rabbit’s names ideas for their pet rabbits.


There are also numerous resources and tips on what kind of rabbits’ names is most suitable for your pet rabbits. Some of these resources had suggested that you name your pet rabbits after characters from one of your favourite books. This may not sound like a crazy idea, provided that you don’t mind giving your pet rabbits names like Edward, Lucy or the like.


There are also some suggestions that you name your pet rabbits after some places in the world. Does the name Paris sound familiar? If you were to follow this suggestion for your pet rabbits’ names, then do also consider other variation, such as the name of the place spoken in different language.


Again, there are also a suggestion that you name your pet rabbits after your friend! Or, give your pet rabbits the names of great musician that had lived. Having Beethoven or Mozart as a pet rabbit’s names may not sound that odd to some people. The list of the suggestions will go on.


We have some tips on naming your pet rabbits. You may use the following tips in giving proper rabbit’s names:


Pick a name that your pet rabbit can easily recognised. Giving your pet rabbit’s names such as Elizabeth may be difficult for your long-ear friend to remember, and is difficult for you to call too. Try using one or two syllable rabbit’s names. Bit Bit (from the second syllable of rabbit) is a good and suitable name. So is BeBe.


Names that end in “ie” and “y” always make fun and easy pet names. Examples of rabbit’s names using this suggestion include Bonnie, Bonny, Bunny, Barney, Susie, Furry, Fluffy, Lily, and so on.


You should also choose a name that is easy to call out loud and you feel proud to call out loud. For example, you may find “Dirty Harry” is a fun and unique rabbit’s name, but you may not want to call you pet rabbits by this name when you are bringing him to the park. On the other hand, the name Zoey will sound more pleasant to both you and your pet rabbits.


You should also avoid giving your pet rabbit names that sound like command words. Command words are words associated to command such as “No”, “Come”, “Stop”, “Go” and etc. For example, rabbit’s names such as Joe may fit the one-syllable condition and easy to call, but your pet rabbit may mistake it for the command word “No”.


When you have decided to adopt rabbits as pets and had brought home your first bunny, you do not need to rush to give him a rabbit name straight away. You may want to wait for a few days to observe your pet rabbit’s behaviour and character. No two rabbits will behave the same. It is no exaggeration to say that rabbits are big character packed in a small body.


Every pet rabbits will behave differently. This sometimes is also related to their cousin rabbits in the wild. Even though domesticated, rabbits still keep their wild rabbits behaviour. For example, in the wild, rabbits live in a group. In this group of wild rabbits, each rabbit has their own role to play. For example, some rabbits make good scouts.


These are the rabbits that will clear the obstruction such as dangling roots and tree branches near to their burrow. They are very good digger too. Some other rabbits will play the role of soldier or fighter rabbit in case they come in contact with another group of rabbit.


Domestic rabbits that live in a group may exhibit similar behaviour. Those house rabbits who exhibited the scout behaviour is most likely like to chew and bite on dangling electrical cord. To them, electrical cords are just obstruction that they have to clear.


A house rabbit who exhibited the fighter in wild rabbits are very good at using their paws during a fight.


When you observe your pet rabbits, you will find it easier to give a proper name to your pet rabbits. “Grumpy” may not sound nice, but sometimes make a suitable rabbit’s names. You can also use your pet rabbit’s distinctive physical traits to give him a rabbit’s name. “Cotton tail” and “Fluffy” are common rabbit’s names. Other examples include “Spotty” and “Blackie”. You do not need to be overly creative in coming up with a pet rabbit’s name. Just choose names that are easy to pronounce.


Once you have chosen a pet rabbit’s name that you are happy with, use it often with your pet. Offer plenty of praise or some treats to your pet rabbits whenever they give the slightest of attention when you call their name.


Most pet rabbits like to be patted early in the morning and when they are about to retire in their cage at night. As you pat them, continue to call their name in a soothing voice. If your pet rabbits like to be patted at other time, call their name in a soothing voice as you pat them. Always use pleasant tone when calling out to your pet rabbit.


The followings are additional suggestions for pet rabbit’s names: Berkeley, Bibity, Bobsy, Flopsy, Furbit, Hoppy, Leapy, Thumper, Cody. You may find other resources too.


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