Pet Rabbits and Kid

Pet rabbits can be both fun and affectionate animals for kids. However, kids should be taught how to handle them properly.

There are many who adopted rabbits as pets for their kids. Even though rabbits make great pets for children, there are some factors that you may want to consider before you actually adopt any bunnies for your kids. You should always understand that taking care of rabbits are adult's responsibility, and not the kid's. Any pet lovers would agree with us that there are more ways to train your kid responsibilities other than using a pet. Every year, there are many rabbits that were abandoned out into the wild simply because owners no longer could take care of them or they no longer look cute.


Bunnies are sure cute, just as any other baby animals. However, unlike many other animals, bunnies grow at a tremendously fast rate. By two months of age, they are already feeding on full solid and their behaviour and physique begins to be similar to adult rabbits. That is when they would have lost their "cuteness". Rabbits continue to be lovely animals and companions for the entire family even though they no longer look as cute as when they were just bunnies. How affectionate rabbits can be all depends on how much quality life they have. If you love your rabbits and take time to bond with them, you will be amazed at how much emotion a rabbit can show to you.


Adults should also understand that rabbits can live quite a long life span if properly cared for. There are even reports of rabbits living up to fifteen years of age. The owner of this website have four rabbits with two of them living to six years old. The other rabbits are living beyond their six years of age and are still healthy. Hence, keeping a rabbit is a long term commitment, as in keeping other family pets such as dogs and cats. A baby rabbit today will continue to live you for up to a decade later and this is an important factor that you need to know.


Children that have alergy to fur should not keep rabbits. Even though rabbits are relatively clean, and they can be toilet-trained, they shed off their hair every few months. Usually the shedding of hair is light with some heavy shedding in-between. When rabbits shed off their hair, you need to spare some time to help them brush off the hair. Unlike cat that can vomit out fur balls, rabbits cannot do so. Fur that get into a rabbit's intestine may block up the intestinal tract, leading to gastrointestinal stasis, popularly known as GI stasis. This is a serious condition that can lead to death. If you have a carpet floor, you should also be prepared to do more frequent vacuuming during this time.


rabbit and kid

If you intend to keep a rabbit for your kid, it is advisable to get rabbits that is of larger breed. Larger breed rabbit has stronger skeletal structure. As rabbits are at the bottom of the food chain, small-size rabbit such as dwarf rabbits have very weak skeletal structure. Children that are not careful with rabbits handling may easily break their weak spine. Children and adults should always be taught the right way to handle rabbits. Many have thought that handling rabbits by the ears is the proper way, but this is largely a misconception formed by watching too many magic show where rabbits appear from the magician's hat. Rabbit's ears are very sensitive and holding a rabbit by the ears is causes a lot of pain and distress to the rabbits.


Kids should also be careful that rabbits can kick when they feel uncomfortably handled. The injuries from a rabbit's toe nail can be quite painful and sometimes lead to bacterial infections. If accident do happen, quickly wash the wound with water and anti-septic solution. As rabbits are ground animals, they do not like to be carried around too much. However, depending on the personality of the rabbit, some are so affectionate with you that they wished to be hug and carried occasionally. Rabbits enjoy being patted and have your fingers run through its hair from the head to the lower spine.


Patting rabbits are a therapatic experience to both human and the pet. It helps you to relieve stress and rabbits are the best animals in the world to teach you to take things at slower pace sometimes.


In general, pet rabbits can live well together with children. Kids can grow up being more affectionate and sensitive to other people's feelings and emotion if they are taught to understand and love pet rabbits.


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