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If you want to keep your pet rabbits healthy and happy, you should give him toys. Rabbit toys are an essential part of your pet rabbit’s well-being, just like a proper diet. Toys provide rabbit with mental stimulation, physical exercise and it is also a great way to bunny proof your home.


Without rabbit toys to stimulate them, indoor rabbits easily get bored. The feeling of isolation very often leads to depression and a destructive behaviour. Even senior and disabled rabbits require mental stimulation in the forms of toys beside eating and sleeping. To keep your pet rabbits healthy and happy, they need things to climb on, crawl under, hop on, dig into and chew on. If you do not provide your pet rabbits with these platforms, they make use of your furniture. When you provide toys to your rabbits, you actually bunny-proof your home without yourself realising it. Provide safe chewing and digging alternatives for your rabbits.


A rabbit that get very little time out of his cage and does not get the attention that he craves will very often turn to be destructive rabbit.



How to Choose Rabbit Toys


The first advice that we can give to those who are buying rabbit toys for their pet rabbits is, be prepared to be rejected. You may feel frustrated that your rabbit prefer to pee on the toys rather than playing with it. As all rabbits have their own unique character, they may not like the same toys and may even play with the toy in a different manner.


Fortunately for pet rabbit owners, your pet rabbit will not care if the toy you bought for them is expensive or just from some scrap cardboard boxes. In getting rabbit toys, observe your pet rabbit’s behaviour and character. Some rabbits love hiding behind furniture while there are those who loves decorating! All these behaviours require different kinds of toys.


We have also found that some rabbits quickly get bored with their toys. In this case, instead of providing them with the same toy everyday, you may want to rotate their toys. It is also interesting to note that toys that are re-arranged had a fresh appeal to rabbits. Generally, toys that allow them to hide, explore, chew and burrow are usually suitable toys.


Pet rabbits still inherit a lot of behaviour from their wild cousins. Some of these behaviours include burrowing, digging, throwing, climbing, chewing, rolling and nudging. It is important to provide toys that satisfy these behaviours.


One interesting rabbit toy that your pet rabbits will love for sure is a tunnel. You can have your own pre-made tunnels or buy one. One way to make your own tunnel is to assemble a line of cardboard box with the two ends cut to form an entrance and an exit. Some rabbits love standing up to inspect the ceiling of the tunnel and you may want to get a combination of tall and short boxes. You can also stuff one end of the tunnel with newspaper. This will provide your rabbits with plenty of opportunity to burrow and to dig.


Many tunnels that can be bought are made of polyester and provides hours of amusing fun for your rabbits. They also comes with hide and peek hole that allows your bunnies to look out of the tunnel. Whenever your rabbits began to get bored with the tunnel, do not worry. The tunnels can be easily compacted and stored away until the next play session. The advantage of these tunnels over self-made cardboard box is that besides its durability, is its flexibility to form it into bents, ramps and so on. You will find that each time you re-arrange the tunnel, your pet rabbits will be amused as if it is a totally new toy.


You can also satisfy your pet rabbit’s digging urge by providing him a large wicker basket filled with hay, shredded newspaper, old magazines or junk mail this will serve as a wonderful rabbit toys for your pet rabbit. If you find that your rabbits love to dig on certain part of the carpet, you can also cover it with a piece of grass mat.


Your pet rabbits may also love to shred and there is no more suitable rabbit toys than paper – plenty of them. Yellow Pages or telephone directory is an excellent choice. Unless your rabbits eat a great deal of the paper, shredding is not harmful, but may be messy. Hence, you may want limit shredding activities to a box. A broom that is made of straw makes a good toy for shredding amusement.


All rabbits love to throw things. If you do not provide your pet rabbits with toys that he can throw, you will find that he will throw his food dish. Some non-rabbit toys that may be provided to your rabbit to throw include baby toys and keys. There are also some commercially produced rabbit toys that are excellent for the rabbits such as the Bunny Shake n Chew toys. This toys allow your rabbit to rattle, toss and chew on the toy. Each time your rabbit toss it, it will produce some rattling sound which amuses your rabbit. There are also some rabbit owners who have reviewed that they could even play toss with their pet rabbits. You can also try the Bunny Flip n Toss toy that is made of sisal rope and shaped into carrot.


Other than the Bunny Shake n Chew toys, there are also other commercially produced chew toys available for your rabbit. Most of these are made of chewable wood with approved wood colours. One caution that we need to warn you is that many of these chewable toys would be quickly consumed of by your rabbits. Alternatively, you can also use the toilet cardboard roll. Other suggestions include untreated wicker baskets, non-poisonous logs and sticks, cardboard, paper, straw and pine cones.


There are also some rabbits that love nudging and a suitable rabbit toy would be a large rubber ball. Not all rabbits love ball though. Rabbits also love climbing and view things from above. You can provide them with a series of boxes that allows them to climb from one box to the next. There are also many owners who created a two-storey cage for their pet rabbits and provide them with a ramp so that they may climb from one level to the next.


There are many more rabbit toys available or you can make on your own. Be creative and observe what amuses your rabbits. The toys that you prefer for your pet rabbit may be rejected at first. Try modifying the toy slightly and see if they like it. For example, if your rabbit do not enjoy going through a cut-out cardboard box, try lying the box on its side and see how your rabbits react to it. Many rabbits will find many ways to play with their rabbit toys, in such a way that we could not even imagine it.


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