Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Petrabbits can live well as an indoor rabbit or a house rabbit. However, there are some who would still prefer to keep their rabbits outdoor. If you wanted to keep your rabbits outdoor, then you would need an outdoor rabbit hutch. You can opt to buy a nicely built outdoor rabbit hutch from a pet store, from an online store or you can build your own outdoor rabbit hutch.

You should understand that there are risks involved in keeping your rabbits in an outdoor rabbit hutch. Rabbits are prey animals at the bottom of the food chain and naturally there are subjects to many threats from other predator animals. Predator animals for outdoor rabbits in common housing area include snakes and even domestic cats too. You should also realise that pet rabbits can be very timid animals. Even if not physically hurt, a terribly frightened rabbit can die of stress.

Therefore, if you intend to keep your pet rabbits outdoor, make sure that you choose a good outdoor rabbit hutch. Human should learn to respect the rabbit’s hutch. No matter how active or playful a rabbit is, they treat their hutches as a retreat and a place where they feel comfortable and safe. Rabbits who have a hutch that they like are also less likely to develop behavioural problems.

You should get a rabbit hutch at least four times the size of your pet rabbit when he or she is stretched out. If your rabbit is just a tiny bunny today, take into consideration their grown up size. It is important to understand that not all grown up rabbits have the same size. For example, a giant flemish rabbit can be four or five times the size of a grown-up dwarf rabbit. You may want to put a litter box in the hutch and all these takes up space.

You would want a bigger hutch in order for your rabbit to feel comfortable. Your rabbits should have adequate space for him to move around in the hutch. It should also be tall enough for a rabbit to stand upright. As a rough guide, if you have a smaller breed rabbit that weight less than 8 lbs, then consider a rabbit hutch size of at least 24 inches by 36 inches. Medium or larger rabbit breeds should have a minimum enclosure size of 30 inches by 36 inches. Do not hesitate to get a bigger hutch if your rabbits stay in the hutch majority of the time.

There are also some hutch that comes with a rabbit run and you should enquire about this when you make your purchase. Alternatively, you can always buy them separately. Keep close eyes on your rabbits when they are left out of the hutch. Rabbits can be very playful and may injure themselves not to mention about the threat from predator animals.

You can house two rabbits in the same hutch if they have been neutered or spayed. Rabbits of different gender staying together quickly reproduce. Each rabbits pregnancy may result in 7 kits. When you put two matured male rabbits together, they are very likely to fight and may injure each other. Therefore, it is advised that you alter your pet rabbits.

The outdoor rabbit hutch that you choose for you pet bunny do not necessarily have to be complicated. In fact, most rabbits prefer one large compartment rather than many compartments. You can always add some additional hiding place using wooden box for the rabbit. In arranging the internal of the rabbit hutch, place the litter box at one corner, one side for his bedding and another side for his food and drink.

There are in general two types of outdoor rabbit hutch. You can either choose the all-wooden ones or the all-wire enclosure. You will find that most outdoor rabbit hutch comes as the all-wooden enclosure. If you intend to build your own rabbit hutch, then always choose good quality plywood. You would definitely want your rabbit hutch to last.

The door of the outdoor rabbit hutch should be preferably consists of wired door. This will enhance the air circulation throughout the hutch. If you are residing in locations with snowfall, ensure that the roof of your rabbit hutch is sturdily built. Try to water proof the roof. You can achieve this by providing slope angle to the roof. Get an outdoor rabbit hutch that is 3 feet higher than the ground. This prevent snakes from crawling into the cage and it is also good for circulation.

There are also those rabbit hutch that has a dropping pan. This drop pan should be regularly cleaned. If you would not want a drop pan, then just allow the dropping to fall directly to the ground.

All wired rabbit hutch is usually easier to clean and maintain. When using all wooden enclosure, ensure that ammonia do not build up inside the enclosure as a result of your pet rabbits urinating at the corner of the hutch. The ammonia build-up is not only unhealthy for your pets and you, it is also damaging to the outdoor rabbit hutch. If you would prefer to keep your pet rabbits indoor, then you would want to choose a good rabbit cage.


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